How to Become Exceptional Professionally and Personally


|Be determined| |Set daily goals| |Make a routine| |Get rid of distractions| |Get organized| |Work hard| |Keep practicing| |Avoid procrastination| |Ask questions to stay engaged| |Get rid of negative people and limiting thoughts| |Maintain healthy lifestyle| |Pray very well|

To be exceptional means that you have to be outstanding in something because you do it better than others do. This implies that you should be doing better than your best daily.

Now, the question is……Do you really know what your best is? Or If I may ask “what is your best”? Visualize performing or achieving your best. What do you think it will look like? What will you give or take? How will you behave? What will you do or accomplish? What emotions or vigor will you display?

Undoubtedly you might not have an answer to give because your best is continuously changing state. For instance, your yesterday’s best may not actually be your best for today or tomorrow. We keep striving to achieve our best.

Be different, work hard and stand out

To achieve your best daily you have to continuously strive for it. You also have to envision you’re the “best” and work toward it daily. However, another question is … is doing your best enough if you want to succeed and achieve your potential? I think one must daily strive to be better than his or her best.

To Become Exceptional You Must;

1. Be determined

Your path to success is always based on the determination that you have deep rooted within yourself. Determination aligns your energy and attention towards your focus.

Determine to make every time positive. Work from your point of strength. Learn when your high-energy time is and utilize it. Have a fighter’s spirit. Never leave anything down to luck.

2. Set daily goals

Ensure that the goals are SMART. Goals must be clearly written down on a piece of paper, a screen, white board or any app that suits your personality.

  • S →Specific and meaningful: What exactly needs to be done?
  • M →Measurable:  How will you track your progress?
  • A →Achievable: Is it realistic? Can it be done by the deadline?
  • R → Relevant: How does it fit with the overall plan or bigger goal?
  • T →Time-based: When does it need to be done?

3. Make a routine (to-do list and timetables with deadlines)

Just like your goals, pen down your to-dos and timetables on a piece of paper, a screen, white board or any app that suits your personality.

Place them side by side to your goals and keep them at a visible and strategic place like your work/study tables, walls, computer screen, bathroom mirror, refrigerator etc., where you can have regular eye contact with them.

This will provide you direction, help you in decision making, motivate you and give you a sense of purpose in life.

4. Stay away from distractions: Stay focused!

You need to remove all distractions. Even if you can’t eliminate all, you can make an effort to reduce or get rid of as many distractions as possible. Begin with the easy ones like:

  • Moving to a quiet place
  • Shutting the door to your room or office
  • Turning off your phone or turning off notifications on your phone
  • Notifying those around you not to distract you for a period of time
  • Closing out apps or programs that aren’t essential on your computer
  • Put a lock on social media accounts
  • Set your timer and get to work

5. Stay organized, avoid multitasking

Have a planner or notebook to record all your activities, assignments and important deadlines. Keep a folder for each task or subject so that you can easily pack and find things. This will assist you to finish tasks at hand at the same time stay on top of other things that needs to be done.

6. Work hard

Develop your learning and working skills. Do more than is required. Make efforts to learn new things.

7. Keep practicing

Refuse to give up. See possibilities where others see impossibilities. Find something to do when your mates are doing nothing. The more positive you become, the more often you will find yourself excelling above your standard norms consistently, which will make you exceptional.

8. Avoid procrastinations

You may face many problems that test your patience and capabilities. To check procrastinations, take small regular steps, make a to-do lists and prioritize your least favorite tasks.

9. Ask questions

Always search, check and learn what others are doing to stay engaged and non complacent

10.Be far from negative people and negative thoughts

Have a positive thought and mindset about every task, assignment or situation. Beware of the associations and friends that you make and keep. Stay with people and thoughts that motivate you and avoid the ones that distract you.

You’ll have friends who would love to take you out, and are offended when you refuse their offer, and then you might find it very hard to keep up with your workout regime. Socialize on your own schedule, not someone else’s.

If you follow the crowd, you will be lost in the cloud

Dr. Paul Enenche

11. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Eat healthy so as to keep your brain focused, your energy levels up, and your emotions on an even keel, make sure you don’t delay or skip meals.
  • Take a short break between tasks to clear your head and refresh yourself. Consider grabbing a brief nap, going for a short walk, or meditating.  
  • Get enough sleep and rest

12. Pray very well  

Prayer is very important in the life of a “believer” or “a child of God”

  • Prayer will help you to understand better what your purpose in life is and what you will do after this life.
  • It will help you to know the mind of God on any issue and align you with God’s plan concerning that issue.
  • Prayer helps to build power and confidence (2 Timothy 1:7) – doubts, confusion and chaos are the works of the enemy. He will do anything to cloud your judgment, cluster your thoughts and keep you guessing.
  • Prayer is the path to finding direction and answers to problems. It provides insight to our dilemmas and tough decisions (Jeremiah 33:3).
  • When storms hit, when you’re taken over by worry, when you feel like your world is spinning out of control, when sickness and fatigue strike, let prayer be your stability, your calm, your tranquility (Mark 4:38).
  • Through prayer, you can overcome temptations to sin, keep away from making wrong choices and find the strength to do what is right.

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