Revelation! Smart Small Business Ideas to Support Yourself During Covid – 19 Pandemic in Nigeria

The outbreak of coronavirus has enormously quaked up economies of the world. Nations are fighting hard to battle the existing and impending economic outcomes of this monster.

Due to the upsurge in the global economic crisis, it is expected that businesses and activities will take long time before they will return to normal. Likewise, customer’s behavior will take a different twist. This will impact the general seller-buyer usual drive.

The situation is not different here in Nigeria. Many offices and shops are closed down, salaries are slashed and countless jobs are lost. Parents and Guardian are worried about how to survive talk more of how to send their wards back to school.

Sadly, in this part of the world, schooling, researches and other related activities are funded by personal incomes. Also,there are limited scholarships, loans and grants available and only favors the people at the top. So individuals especially students need to start something to support themselves!

How do I begin? It’s easy!

To start your own business, all you need and require are:

  1. Smart Business Ideas- In case you don’t have any, don’t worry, there are some mentioned in this article. Read on!
  2. Little capital to make initial investment: Start with your personal savings first. If you don’t have any savings, you can sell some of your properties such as jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags, cars, lands etc. Then, You can talk to your friends and family members to help you out. Additionally you can find partners who can invest into your idea on interest bases. In this pandemic era, there are small business grants and loans available in Nigeria; such as The Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), BOI Funds, Tony Elumelu Fund, GroFin Fund, Orange Corners, Crowd funds, AYEEN and lots more
  3. A good smartphone or computer and camera
  4. An online platform to start – this include Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, your own website or blog etc.
  5. A home-based office set-up
  6. Special instruments such as good online study materials and subject notes for tutors, a good camera for a photography class, musical instruments for music classes, or cooking ingredients for your cooking classes.

What’s next? Creative ideas!

In this season, there is a heavy traffic in the direction of online platforms. It is a win-win affair and offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to establish their own businesses.

Recommended smart business ideas

  1. Internet-based consultation businesses:

Here are lists of some recommended ones you can go ahead with. You can add more yours based on your skills.

  • Online tutoring classes: In this mid and semi lockdowns, parents and students are stressed. People are looking for good online tutors to bridge the gap. Many are willing to accept unconventional home-schooling scheme. All you require is to create online study materials and subject notes that can reach the students’ attention.
  • Online makeup beauty classes- hairstyles, makeover, art work, painting etc
  • Online cooking/ bakery classes
  • Online tailoring classes
  • Online photography classes
  • Online computer/web design classes
  • Online music classes
  • Online dietician consultation business
  • Online fitness consultation sessions
  • Social media marketing/sales-jewelries, shoes, bags, clothes, foodstuff etc

2. You can start your local doorstep delivery business:

This is a lucrative idea for those who do not possess any professional skills. The online delivery business is highly booming. At present, almost everybody is choosing online shopping medium and this will continue even after COVID-19 era. There are very few existing online food delivery companies in Nigeria and very little of them focus on the miscellaneous commodities deliveries. Therefore, this may be the decisive moment you have been waiting for to start your own local delivery business. For example

  • Foodstuff/grocery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Snacks and Beverages including wines and fruit drinks
  • Daily needs essentials

3. You can search for a Freelancer platform for employment

There are diverse existing platforms that can assist you to get employed based on your skills and talents and earn on a freelance grounds. This include;  Freelancer, Fiverr, 99designs, and many others

You can search for projects such as:

  • Freelance content marketing
  • Blogging projects
  • Web designing project
  • Social media marketing
  • Freelance content marketing
  •  Digital Marketing Projects
  • Online PR activities
  • Sales projects

Based on your expertise, you can take up a project and begin to work on it. The virtual office idea is getting so much recognition from both the employers and the employees.

4. Search for Sales, Marketing and Networking Business

If you feel you have an impressive conversation skills and can control a discussion, surely this field can be a win win for you. In this period virtually all businesses have metamorphosed to the online platform with networking, sales and marketing jobs booming. 

For those who are enthusiastic and passionate and are eager to be a part of the corporate society, they can enter through this channel. Internet employment for those with a promising career are being conducted in several firms.

In Conclusion

These are different small smart business ideas in Nigeria that you can set-up on a small scale and slowly grow them into full-fledged businesses. Additionally, they will surely assist you make profits even with very little investments.

With the assistance of a right guide, you can easily promote your business in front of the most relevant audiences. If you are anxious about how to go ahead and from where to make a start. We are here to help. Feel free to contact us.

Together we will win!!

So, what according to you is the most successful Small Business Ideas in Nigeria during this covid-19? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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